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I’m Lena, and I’ve worked with many types of animals since the 1970s. My hands-on experience ranges from training horses and being certified by the BHS in 1985, to rescuing and rehabilitating feral cats or training and socializing dogs and competing in pet shows. Read More…

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Our Products

Protected Cat Shelter Stickers

Weatherproof protected cat shelter stickers designed by Petsncharge LLC. Available from our partners at Tomahawk Live Trap. Pack of three with a Sharpie permanent marker.


Nail Care Basics For Cats

Nail Care Basics For Cats Let us start by stating NEVER DECLAW CATS. Declawing is a barbaric practice where a veterinarian surgically amputates the last bone of each toe.  If performed on a human being, it Read more…

Raw Feeding Basics

A raw diet closely mimics the natural diet of cats and dogs. Heat during the processing of traditional pet foods kills probiotics and many vitamins. In A raw diet, these Essential Nutrients are not lost. Read more…