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The Tabitha Project

The Tabitha Project is the charitable giving division of Petsncharge LLC.


The Tabitha Project shelters are designed to meet the specific needs of community cats and their caretakers which include accessibility, safety and protection from the elements. Constructed from the highest quality Coleman Xtreme coolers and commercial grade piping, our shelters are extra insulated, rugged and durable. They are made to last for many seasons, which means they are more economical and ecologically friendly than standard shelter options which need to be replaced annually. All materials used in the assembly of our shelters are non-toxic and weather-proof. Our shelters are available in three sizes: Medium (70qt), Large (120qt) and Extra Large (150qt).


In addition to having a safe dry space, community cats need to be fed regularly. The reality is that most individuals and small organizations who manage community cat colonies are in dire need of food donations. It’s not at all unusual that these dedicated caretakers are paying for cat food out of their own pocket, often prioritizing the cats’ food needs over their own.
In response to this need, we launched Phase Two of The Tabitha Project and created a food bank for community cats in order to take at least some of the financial burden off the caretakers.


To further aid community caretakers who are often limited in their TNR efforts by the unavailability of free or affordable traps The Tabitha Project created a community trap bank.

Subject to availability, a TNR-certified group or individual can borrow up to three traps, two transfer cages and a drop trap from our Trap Bank for up to ten days. No deposit is required.

Visit The Tabitha Project website at

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